B.I.O. started in 2012 during a coolhunting course that I did at Central Saint Martins in London. As part of my research I created two blogs: one admiring the catwalks and the luxury brands, and the second blogging interesting products made from recycled materials. I found the latter much more exciting, but thought there was no reason these two sides of fashion should be separate. When I saw the many creative and sophisticated pieces made from different reused materials I was inspired to bring the two together. My aim is to therefore build a modern and vibrant fashion brand from reused materials, inspired by the big cities and rich tapestry of nature for which my home country of Brazil is renowned.

Today, many products have “built in obsolescence”. They are designed to degrade sooner than necessary so companies can continue to sell us replacement products. Once past their useful life, products are discarded and become obsolete, and in the process generate more and more rubbish. We should demand the manufacture of more durable products as well as appropriate disposal in order to minimise this impact on the environment. But another way is to find new uses for seemingly obsolete products – to inject flair, passion and beauty into them – that is our goal – to realise the “beauty in obsolescence”.